Return on Investment

Hello and thank you for checking our blog!

I’m excited to be in the MBA program at Elon because I value practical approaches and experiences in an academic setting, getting a good value for my investment (of both time and money), meeting and working with fellow students in a classroom setting, and being part of a highly-rated program (#1 part-time program in the South, and #6 nationally, if I remember correctly).

Speaking of practical experience, one of your first activities in the MBA program at Elon will be a business simulation that challenges your thinking and gives you a chance to work through real-world business issues with your fellow students.  It is very motivating, and a great learning experience!

Finally, I’ll mention a little ‘icing on the cake’ of being part of Elon.  Did you know our football team is ranked in the top 10 (#6 as of this writing) nationally in the Football Championship Subdivision?  (This is the part of the NCAA that is alongside the BCS, only with more sanity – a playoff system!)  There are some pretty spectacular players on the team too, such as wide receiver Terrell Hudgins (who has broken some of Jerry Rice’s college receiving records – yes, the former 49er and NFL great!) and quarterback / punter Scott Riddle (who owns some career Southern Conference passing records).


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