A Tale of Two Programs

When I first looked into getting my MBA, I researched the universities in the local area.  I live in Chapel Hill.  I narrowed my choice down to three choices near my home, and then further narrowed my list to two. One school was Elon, we’ll call the other, School B.

I was blown away at my interview at School B.  I felt like a burden and that I was lucky they were making time for me.  After speaking to several students currently getting their MBA’s from School B I came to realize that this feeling would not soon change.  The competition and cut-throat atmosphere did not appeal to me.   It would be great to have an MBA from School B with their reputation, but I did not feel it was a good fit for me.  The cost of School B was never a factor in my decision; it should have been.

So it was down to Elon University.  During my visit to campus I met some very nice people and was able to ask questions of current students.  The flexibility of the program and the consideration by the professors truly appealed to me.  The reputation of Elon was great, and has only gotten better.  I asked job recruiters and a couple of school counselors about Elon.  The description that I heard repeatedly was, “Everything Elon does turns to gold.”

I still was not sold.

One afternoon I called to ask questions about prerequisites.  Judy Dulberg answered her own phone.  It took me a moment to speak due to my shock.  I introduced myself, in which Judy replied, “Paul, we can’t wait to see you in class. You know, there are two other students who work in your business park.  Maybe you can all carpool.  I will introduce you the first day of class.  What can I help you with?”

After I picked my jaw up off of the floor I asked my questions, which Judy answered straight away.  Judy and I continued to speak for about 15 minutes. I was sold.  I accepted an invitation to Elon and ended my pursuit of School B.


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