In the Beginning…

The first class that each student is required to take in the MBA program is essentially a jump-start back into school.  I’ve been out of college for a few years, well, maybe more than a few years, so I was very thankful for this “introductory” class.

We started with a four-day case study on a hypothetical small business.  Working together in small groups, we analyzed the business and worked through the “twists and turns” presented by the instructors.  At the end of the last day, each group presented a new business structure and goals for the company.  Not only was it beneficial to begin working on case studies again, it was also a great time to meet the other students and form new friendships that I hope will last over the next few years.

Another plus of the first semester is the introduction to the Belk Library and all of the available resources.  Not only do we get access to countless databases, Elon also provides 24/7 help should a student have after-hour questions.  (For those of us with full time jobs, after-hours is a must!)

Winter Break is almost over and I have to admit, I’m eager to start class again!


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