No Ordinary Test

Happy New Year!

In case you aren’t already aware, and as an update to my last post, the latest Business Week ranking of part-time MBA programs was released near the end of 2009 and Elon’s ranking (#2 in the South and #12 nationally) was improved to #1 in the South and #6 nationally!

When you consider that approximately 200 programs were evaluated in the South (including schools such as North Carolina State and Wake Forest University), and about 600 nationally, I think this is very impressive.  One more reason to be proud to be a part of this program!

There is some self-assessment material that will be part of your initial classes at Elon, including follow-up and professional instruction/review.  Yes, that’s right, I’m talking about more than just one of those surveys you take and then simply read a generalized set of results.  There is actually follow-up, opportunity to ask questions, and even receive more in-depth discussion/counseling on the results.  Another benefit of the Elon program!

In case you are wondering, the assessment (and business-case simulation mentioned in previous posts) activities are led by professionals who perform these services for real companies.  In other words, these are not theoretical-only nor free-on-the-Internet materials, but instead are proven to help live businesses and their management deal with real business problems and improve results.  This is one of things I mentioned earlier that I appreciate about Elon – a practical approach!


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