Confessions of a Satisfied Multitasker

I am currently sitting in my International Business class, which I love.

I just came from a meeting of fellow students who are trying to create a not-for-profit consulting group.   By the end of this weekend I have four chapters of reading, some homework and I need to work on two projects. On top of that, I need to work on creating the applications used by the consulting group, plus I need to finish a proposal concerning teaching a skills class here at Elon.

Oh, I forgot I also have to write an executive summary for the Rice Competition.  I have designed a new product that I am entering in the competition.

I want to be clear that I have chosen to get the most out of my time here at Elon.  Every day I walk into the building I say hello to Judy and Dr. Burpitt.  Every professor knows my name and they all know me as a person.  I have been encouraged to try these different activities.  More than one professor has asked me if I wanted to get involved in something.  They do this because they know me.  It is my choice to do all of these things.  Elon allows me to explore many different opportunities.


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