Living in the Shadow

Hello folks, I know you’re out there so please let us hear from you!  The people who monitor measurements on this site have informed me that there are plenty of hits (i.e. readers), but we’re not getting nearly as much in the way of comments.  This blog is only useful if it contains information that is of benefit to you.  So please make your voice heard!  If we’re talking too much about ‘x’ and not enough about ‘y’, we need to know that!

If you have questions about Elon that we’re not covering, tell us!  This blog is here for you, not us – so help us make it helpful to you by telling us what you want to hear about.

I am currently taking a Communications class that is giving us much in the way of “hands-on” experience and opportunity.  We’re covering written and verbal communications (including presentations), career advice, leadership tips, and more.  This class is not just learning how to be better communicators, but applying what we’re learning as well.  It includes personal assessment (both initial and follow-up), ‘co-teaching’ the class by presenting on communication-related topics, and research including a job shadowing experience.

If you don’t know what I mean by “job shadowing,” in a nutshell it is identifying a person in a career that an MBA might aspire to, setting up an appointment with that person, and then interviewing and spending part of their work day with them (hence, the term ‘shadowing’).  Members in our class are shadowing CEOs, VPs, business owners and other leaders and managers.  The folks we have contacted have been very willing to share their wisdom and their work lives with us, and many good things are coming of it.

It was not a task I was initially thrilled with, but it has turned out quite well!  (This is another tool I had not heard about or gained experience with until I came to Elon.) Once again, let us know what questions you have and/or on which topics you would like more information or commentary!


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