It’s All About Who You Know

When I first entered the MBA program here at Elon, I was told we were going to learn from our classmates.  We were going to lean on them for support and count on them.

This is very true.

I have made several friends here in the program and we are all in the same place.  Over the past year I have had several study groups, group projects and even paper writing teams.

These last two weeks have been very difficult and I am a bit overwhelmed with homework.  This week I was having problems with a take home exam. We had to write a paper on a topic I just simply could not understand.  A few days before it was due, one of my classmates sat down with me and explained what was being asked.  He even showed me what he did (we wrote on different topics).  When I was finished he even proofread it for me.  I would have probably received a ‘C’ without him, but with his help I got an ‘A’.  He is even in the process of helping me get a job with him.

On Saturday, two classmates and I are getting together to work on an exam and project.  Last weekend I worked with three others on another project. This semester has by far been the most intensive.  In my year plus at Elon I have worked with probably 20 others.  I have made about 10 -15 good friends that I see outside of school.  I even set up one of my classmates with my roommate, they now live together and are engaged.

It is the people here at Elon that make it a great place to be.


One response to “It’s All About Who You Know

  1. Mariebetth Marsh

    Paul…great example of how important the other members in your cohort and class are to the overall Elon experience.

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