The List

The following are some useful bits of information prospective MBA students might or might not have picked up on in the Elon program literature and/or discussions with admissions.

  • You will end up taking in the range of 13-15 (depending on how you count them) classes at Elon to achieve your MBA degree. This number could grow by up to 4 if it is determined that you need some foundational work as a prerequisite to some of the MBA courses.  (Foundational courses can be taken at other schools in some, if not all, cases.)
  • Not all courses in the Elon MBA program are equal in terms of time commitment and effort required.  Before signing up for courses (especially if considering taking more than one in the same term), get some opinions from other students on which courses to take when you anticipate having more time available in a particular term vs. those to take when you anticipate being more crunched for time by other commitments.
  • Finally, consider your aptitudes and preferences.  For example, more technical or numbers-oriented folks may not be as challenged by the accounting or economics courses, but may find communications or marketing less comfortable than the average Elon MBA student.  The reverse is also true, of course, as one of my classmates found economics extremely difficult but thoroughly enjoyed the communications class!

Once again, if this raises any questions or thoughts, please leave us a comment!


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