A Flexible Fit

To each one of you reading this, I hope you are enjoying your spring (especially now that April 15 has passed)!  I am enjoying mine, but it has been very busy.  I doubled up my course load this term, and am taking both Economics and Organizational Behavior.  This reminds me of some of the things I appreciate about the Elon MBA program.

First, there are three terms (fall, winter and spring) during the traditional school-year calendar (September-May) instead of two.  This means you can take three classes (or more) in the same time frame that many others would only be taking two.

Second is the flexibility I have found in the staff at Elon.  When I gained some new information about finances and my life situation just prior to the start of the spring term, I decided to add an additional class at the very last minute (i.e. the week it started!).  Both my adviser and the professor gave quick last-minute approval and I didn’t miss a minute of class!  I don’t recommend this approach, but when I had some last-minute decisions to make due to external influences, they worked with me well and quickly!

In addition, I have enjoyed and appreciated (and yes, even liked!) every professor I’ve had so far.  I wasn’t so sure that would be the case when this economics class started, but even though it is rigorous and extremely challenging, I have found the professor to also be fun and very responsive.  In fact, every professor I’ve had has been very responsive and available to us as students.

Finally, the courses are arranged in such a way as to promote flexibility and the opportunity to take more than one in any given term (should you be so inclined).  Classes meet one night a week (Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday) and they are allocated well so that you have choices.  In addition, there are two summer terms – since the length (in number of weeks) is half that of a standard (fall, winter and spring) term, those classes meet twice a week (Monday and Thursday).


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