Classmates to Friends

Group work is an instrumental part of most businesses and therefore a very important part of the MBA program.

I’m at the end of my third class, and so far all three classes have incorporated some level of group work.  Because my job involves a lot of cross-functional team work, I was not sure how much I might personally gain from all of the required group activity.  I have quickly found there are many great benefits to working together with my fellow students.

To start, it’s been great meeting people with diverse backgrounds and experiences.  I’ve worked in groups with accountants, engineers, human resource managers and even recent college graduates.  Some people are in manufacturing and others are in banking, education and construction.  It’s always interesting to hear all of the different perspectives that people bring with their varied backgrounds.  I’ve spent my entire career working in the CPG Industry, so a new point of view is refreshing and educational.

In my most recent class, I’m in a group with several people who are about to graduate from the program.  They’ve really helped me learn more about the school and program.  For example, I was torn on which class to take this summer and which to take this fall.  I asked a few of the “seasoned” students their advice on which class to take when (summer session is more condensed) and they guided me in the right direction.

Most of all, I’ve enjoyed the friendships that I’ve already made and really look forward to working through this program with my new friends and those I will make in the future!


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