Stepping Back to Get Ahead

I am almost at the end of my first year in the MBA program at Elon, and while I’m somewhat envious of my friends that just graduated, I do still really enjoy attending class and working through all of the new challenges presented by each professor.

Last semester in my Organizational Behavior class, our group project involved dissecting a fictitious company plagued with issues.  We worked as “consultants” hired to analyze all of the company’s problems and then introduce the solutions to our class and professor.  Working from the perspective of consultants allowed us an objective view into the major issues that were causing the company to miss the key objectives.

It seems that in the workplace, sometimes being in the situation makes it more difficult to recognize the root of the situation.  My biggest takeaway from this project is really understanding how to step back and rationally analyze a situation that may be impeding a company from performing to expectations.

This week, I began my first summer session course which meets two nights per week and only for five weeks.  So far it is manageable; however, as a student on the career track (traditionally one class per 10 week long semesters), I’ve developed a better appreciation of those students on the fast track, taking two or three classes each semester!  More to come next month…


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