A Season for New Beginnings

It’s hard to believe that summer 2010 is almost already in the past.  For me the end of this summer will mean several things:

1.    The end of my first year in the Elon MBA program.  While cohorts (those who entered the program at the same time, e.g. Fall of 2009) are cohesive, members also have the freedom to move through the program at their own individual paces.  Some members of my cohort are already more than halfway through the program and will be receiving their degree in May 2011.  Others will graduate at some point during the following year.  Still others are moving at a slower pace and will finish sometime after that.  As for me, I’m on pace to be almost halfway to graduation by end of this month.

2.    The end of my turn in the blog rotation.  While I have enjoyed the opportunity to communicate with prospective (and current) students, this will be my final blog entry as my turn in the rotation comes to an end.  Thanks for your interest in my entries, and I hope to see you around campus.

3.    The end of another great Elon MBA international trip.  Twice a year Elon MBA (and law) students have a wonderful opportunity to study business overseas.  This summer the trip was to Ireland.  While I did not get to go on this one, I am planning to go in the future.  The winter trips usually go to Asia, and the summer trips to Europe.  Students who go always come back raving about the experience!

4.    The beginning of another special opportunity at Elon.  I just started my term on the Elon MBA SAA (Student-Alumni Association) Leadership Committee.  The MBA SAA is a great group of MBA program participants who plan and provide activities and events open to past and current Elon MBA students (and usually their families and friends as well).  There is normally at least one planned activity per month, including events such as the Golf Tournament, Wine Tasting, Race for the Cure, Annual Pig Roast/Picnic, organized group gatherings at professional baseball games, Elon football tailgate, and more!  I look forward to seeing you at one of those coming up!

Thanks again for your attention and interest over the past year, and be sure to say hi next time you see me on campus!


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