Social media has evolved.  Possibilities to develop the infectious message and seek out an audience seem endless.  As I am currently taking the Managerial Communications course, I have been exposed to many more elements of the diversity of social media.  Ironically, this being my first time as a blogger, I was tasked with giving a group oral presentation on blogs.  It was an eye opener.  I am starting to realize there is a whole other world hidden just under the surface of the digital world of mainstream internet.  The power of communities being created is driving professional and personal cultural change.

Businesses now turn to diverse social media to attract a consumer base, in many cases playing off the unfiltered emotions of an interested audience.  Even most of the traditional mainstream media outlets (newspapers, magazines, television and radio) are finding ways to integrate into the digital social media.  Although the digital social media is free by nature (and in many cases by cost) there is a fine line between how we use this resource in a responsible manner versus how we exploit others or put ourselves at risk.

Throughout the MBA Program I expect to continue to learn more about the value of social media in business.  As you, as an individual, begin to put your MBA experience to work, either in a professional or personal setting, and step into the world of digital social media, remember to act in a way that is ethical, responsible, and mature.  Take some time to learn about how things work, their potential value, and some of the risks.  And be careful, for better or worse, you might find it sparks the entrepreneurial spirit.


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