It’s that time again . . .

Well, it is that time again – time to get back into the swing of things.  Just like children, we are back in the classroom again.  The only difference is that most of us don’t have Trapper Keepers and new lunchboxes each fall.

Earlier this week I filled out my graduation paperwork.  I can’t adequately describe what that feels like.  The exercise of actually putting pen to paper and telling yourself – this is it.  I was lucky, three of my good friends, and cohorts, were there with me.  It felt like we were moving from one stage of life to another, together.

I know I keep hyping the how valuable the Elon MBA is in terms of the relationships your develop, but it is worth repeating.  My cohorts, and those of later cohorts, are so meshed together in this venture, that I think it is critical to examine how important that can be in creating a true ‘team’ (although I prefer to call it my ‘Elon family’).

My Elon family includes graduates of the program, current students, and future students.  I think I have learned as much from the students as I’ve learned from the faculty.  The opportunity to talk to your classmates, and bounce ideas off of them, is just as valuable as the theory and application you learn through the various projects, examinations and presentations that you do in the classroom.

If I’m having a rough day at work, or with schoolwork, I know that I can email Jackie, Julie, Melody, Jason and Jake and tell them, “Hey, I’m drowning here and need help.’, and I know that within minutes I’ll hear “Call me and we can talk.”, or “Have you tried ____.”, “Hang in there and we can talk tonight.”, or “What can I do to help?”  This unbridled support and encouragement is what you could only expect from family.

The Elon family rallies around their members – supporting one another in anything they do, providing advice and encouraging each other.  From professors, to students, to alumni, you can always count on them to support you and your dreams, and know that they will always be cheering for you on the sidelines.

And if it makes you feel better, buy a Trapper Keeper (I have one) and lunchbox to make it feel like a brand new start each year!


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