Moving Target

As an MBA student you might be thinking this blog will be about the changes and new developments with the monster retailer, Target.  Not so fast.

Although we all will spend our share of time and dollars in Target over the next few weeks, I am actually referring to the moving target that is your “to do” list.  I have always been a self-proclaimed poorly organized well-organized guy.  What does that mean?

Well, I keep a to do list like a running tab, but I do it on scratch paper with my poor quality handwriting, and often find myself rewriting it.  I believe one time I actually had an item on my to do list that read “rewrite to do list.”  There have been times when just rewriting the list made me feel accomplished.  Now as we enter the fun and action packed times between Thanksgiving and Christmas, I am finding my to do list to be a daily moving target.

I feel like I wake every morning with a new items I was unaware of that has snuck onto my list.  As this is my first holiday season as an MBA student, I am quickly learning the art of balance.  I am sure many people deal with it in many different ways, but my best advice for myself and for you, make sure you create a balance without sacrifice.

We all hear the stories of being buried in workload and being too busy to breathe.  Bu the reality is, you need to be flexible, constantly adjust your targets, and do it with a focus on your priorities.  Keep family first, Elon will understand.  And don’t put yourself in the position of trying to decide what you need to give up in your life in order to stay on target.  A theme I hear over and over again is that many of us selected Elon because we appreciate the flexibility.  Put that flexibility in play.  Lean on your classmates.  Let your classmates lean on you.

Hopefully for all of us, that moving target will become a permanent fixture in our lives as we advance beyond the MBA Program and in our careers.  Use the Elon experience to learn how to create the right balance.  Finally, make sure you don’t miss any “can’t miss” opportunities to enjoy the holiday season!


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