Graduation Gift

Ok, my finance final is tomorrow.  Whew, another semester under the belt, and looking towards the winter session.

While I’m feeling a bit of panic, as finance, and math in general, is not my strong suit, this class has been great in that I now can actually read a prospectus.  For those that know me, that is amazing.  I’ve always used those for fire starters in the fire pit.  I thought that was what they were for, since there is no way anyone could make sense of those, right?  Well, I’ve proven that theory wrong.  It is empowering to spend 10 weeks in a class and realize that you too can hold a conversation with a stock broker and not feel like an idiot.

Suddenly, I have a lot of questions, and want answers; because this is my life I am talking about here.  What I learned in this class will help me in the future.  When I’m 58 years old and wondering how I am going to retire early, I’m going to be able to look back and know I made the right decisions.  At least I know the truth now, even if I don’t know the future.

This was the semester of change.  In my group we had members that experienced a new business launch, a pregnancy and the loss of a father – a challenge for each member.  But here is the great part about all those setbacks – we made it!

It was something like “You can’t do the homework because of your work responsibilities, so I’ll do that, you just help me when we get to the project” or “I am away and can’t finish the stats part of the paper, can you do my part and I’ll work on the summary?”

Your Elon family rallies around and supports you through all of it – big or small.

The fact that graduation is just five months (and 3.5 classes) away is a bit scary.  When I started, I thought it was a long way off, and I knew I would finish, but it seemed like it was forever away.  Now it’s here on my doorstep.  You can’t imagine how that feels.  And it seems like I just started.

Mom and Dad are excited, and just want to see their daughter walk that stage.  It is the greatest gift I can ever give them.  They missed my undergraduate ceremony, so this one means more than ever. My only regret is that my Mama and Papa T are dead now, and will not be there.  But I am sure they will be there too, just not taking up a seat.  I can’t wait to give my parents what they deserved to have had all those years ago.

And the bonus this time is that my niece and nephew, and my grandchildren will be able to see what it means to apply yourself, set your goals, and achieve them.  This is the best graduation gift I could ever receive– sharing in the moment with those you love, and inspiring them to go on and really make the most of their opportunities


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