How well do you know yourself?

This is the question our consulting professor posed to each of us after presenting the results of our consulting engagement.  While not asked as directly I think this question is representative of the entire MBA experience.  At almost every step through the program I have either learned something new or affirmed something about myself.

It is as if we are working on a personal SWOT analysis.

I started the program with the goal of moving my career to the next level.  While that is still the objective, I am now exploring different paths than I had expected based on what I have learned academically and about myself.

The most obvious self-examination come through the TAIS personality assessment we took before our first class and the Myers Briggs test we took during the consulting class.  These however are theoretical assessments, which may be accurate in general terms; seldom do we live our lives in general terms.

Joining the Elon MBA program offers the opportunity to learn many more things about one’s self than these tests reveal.  At some point a class is going to require stepping out of your comfort zone, and with a bit of luck and practice, expanding that comfort zone.   It does not take long to figure out how you handle the pressure, set priorities and manage your time, all traits that translate directly into the work world.


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