Go the Extra (Thousands of) Mile(s)

One of the many pros of the Elon MBA I considered as I was making my selection of a program was the opportunity of the International Business trip.

Why is Elon better?  Like most other elements of the program, they make a strong effort to make sure the travel option is accessible for all students.

MBA 581 focuses on International Business.  A student can satisfy the requirement by taking a traditional session-long class, or by participating in the International Business trip.  They do a great job varying global locations and setting up world class experience.  When I started my MBA it was a goal for me to go on a trip.

The most recent trip has just wrapped up as our group returned last week from Southeast Asia.  We split our time between Vietnam and Singapore.  This offered a glimpse of a soon to be emerging market in contrast with a market that is probably ahead of our time.  The trip included an even number of MBA students and Elon Law School students.  The combination made for some fascinating discussions about business law, and gave each person on the trip a unique chance to make networking connections across the two industries.

Was the trip exhausting?  Yes.  The flights were long and the jet lag tough.

Was the trip worth it?  100 percent.

Any MBA student needs to put serious thought into working one of these trips into the mix.

A tip of my hat to staff and faculty who put this trip together and traveled along with the group.  They were able to put together an agenda that gave students a glimpse of all businesses in both locations.  We met with many Westerners now working in each location; hearing stories from the personal and professional perspective about their career choices and opportunities they have found working abroad.

I encourage you to recap our trip by viewing the blog at http://elon2011mbalaw.wordpress.com/.  All students on the trip contributed to the blog and it examines both the businesses we visited and some thoughts on the diverse cultures of Vietnam and Singapore.


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