Pace Setting

One of the many challenges that a new MBA student faces is the difficult decisions related to your pace in the program.  You will find a variety of resources available for guiding you on your own path.

For me, flexibility was one of the strongest selling points of the Elon MBA.  If you are balancing time and energy between family, friends, work, and all the other pieces of a “work/life balance” but still feeling like that graduate degree will drive your success, flexibility should be a factor for you as well.

There are many pros and cons to consider as you learn about how the scheduling works in the Elon MBA Program.  Much can be said for a more traditional MBA program that inserts the candidate in a cohort and drives the schedule through an efficient yet grueling completion.  I have friends who have been through or are currently in programs at other area schools and I will not deny the jealousy I feel at times when they talk about their progress and how quickly they will be done.
But there are two realities that balance it out.

First, if that is what you are looking for, there is nothing holding you back at Elon.  You can dive in and fly through on the fast track.  Just understand there will be many working with you who are on a uniquely different pace.

Second, I believe a program that is flexible enough to meet the needs of each student creates an environment in which each student gets the opportunity to get everything they are expecting from the experience.

I am on the slow track.

Taking my time is a function of ensuring a good balance.  It also allows me to customize the order of courses.  This is important because I need to complete foundation courses and wanted to make sure I could continue at a good pace without interruption.  Again, this is when the resources shine.

At Elon, you have one-to-one attention from a number of faculty and staff when you are setting your schedule.  There is freedom and flexibility, but with the support of a program that will not allow you to slip through the cracks.  To be honest, I enjoy being part of the MBA Program at Elon and am not in much of a rush to finish, yet.

I am sure it will take a toll over time, but also sure it will go by fast.  I just needed to be in a place where I knew if something came up that might throw my plans in shambles, they are ready and able to work with me to make sure they understand my goals and what might need to change for me to still achieve them at Elon.


One response to “Pace Setting

  1. I went into Elon’s MBA program with the intention of going Fast Track. It wasn’t soon after that I realized that taking even one class at a time takes considerable effort.

    I decided to go Career Track for the simple fact that I can absorb the material more thoroughly.

    Great subject, Andy!

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