Saying Goodbye…

Well, at last the semester is wrapping up and this will be the last one for me.  I have enjoyed my time at Elon, and in this program, and will miss it greatly.  But at the same time, I am looking forward to many new adventures and experiences.

For those that have never experienced what it is like to be an adult learner, I can’t say enough about the sense of accomplishment you get when you go back to school.  I think the richness of the program is that all of us are adult learners and have a unique perspective, because of our diversity and personal experiences.

You will have classmates that juggle many of the same responsibilities as you – work, family, civic activities, etc.  You will also find students that are in a different place – maybe taking a year or two off to get through the MBA program.  Each one has a unique perspective to offer.  Take advantage of this opportunity to get to know them, learn what they can offer you, and make the most of every interaction you have with other students.

Take this time and make the most of it  . . . it will go by much quicker than you think.

Carol Ann


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