Continuous Improvement

Some of the classes I have taken have been a reinforcement of knowledge I had gained through previous training; some of them have taken me a long way out of my comfort zone.  To me, the latter are the most rewarding.

The sense of accomplishment I feel when I understand something I had never seen before and had no practical experience to draw from is worth all the hard work.  These are also the classes I feel I really get my money’s worth out of as they are contributing to my growth, which is why I started the program in the first place.  As with everything: what you get out of it depends on what you put into it.

At the same time the administration is taking steps to ensure the program continually grows and improves as well.  With the program having achieved national recognition, the administration is not only working to maintain it but also to ensure the students receive the best education possible.  To do this they are constantly requesting feedback from the students.

Suggestions are taken into consideration as the plans are made for future elective class offerings and to the supplemental services they provide.  The most recent examples of these have been the new analytical statistics elective and the improvements in career development services I have seen since I started. This helps create a culture of collaborative learning and development for the school and the students.

As I approach the end of the program I hope to continue my learning, taking what the program has provided and using it as a foundation.  The formal portion may be ending but the practical development is just starting.  The focus is probably not what it would have been before I started, and it is likely to change again in the future.  With a little luck the next stage will just be another step in the process of continuous improvement.


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