June Abroad 2011: University of Pardibuce

This afternoon we visited the University of Pardibuce.  We were hosted by Martin Navrátil and Professor Štěpán Podzimek of Synpo and an overview of the university was given by Vice Dean, Professor Petr Nemec.  Nemec’s specialty is organic chemistry.

The university was originally founded by local chemical companies as the Chemical Institute and in 1994 it became the University of Pardibuce.  Current enrollment is approximately 10,500 students in their bachelors, masters, and Ph.D. programs.  One interesting fact is that professors are actually named by the president of the Czech Republic based on the recommendation of a tenure committee at the university.

They have seen increasing enrollment in recent years, but they are hoping to keep the current level steady given a reduced college age population that is a result of implementing the free market and the end of communism.

A major hot topic at the university is the potential end of government subsidies, which cover all school related costs for students until the age of 26.  A proposed change would have all students pay 10 percent of the cost of their education.  If necessary they can take government loans to support their schooling and then they would begin to repay the loan only when they reach the median income.

After our discussion we toured an organic chemistry lab in the Fakulta chemicko-technologicka, which won an award in 2009 for modern architecture, and the university library.

Written by: Rebecca Dupré


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