June Abroad 2011: Destination Prague!

Day one in Prague. Just getting to the hotel to unpack and getting ready for the first of many festivities for the week.

The flight was better than I expected for our group. Everyone was on time for the start of the flight, no delays, no lost luggage and we all managed to stay together during the whole flight schedule and get to the hotel in one piece. Even with fatigue setting in, you can see and feel the excitement of the group!

After checking into the hotel and freshening up for the night, we all had a group dinner that came with traditional Czech food (meat and potatoes, of course) along with a live traditional song and dance routine at the end of the evening. We even were able to enjoy the evening with a very large group of people from Poland, talk about a way to kick start a trip!

The restaurant was a little outside of Prague so on the car ride there we were able to see some of the countryside. Just the short glimpse of Prague displayed a lot of culture and definitely the European lifestyle. Although everyone had a great meal, I think the long flight and being up so long because of this, it made for a short night and a much needed night’s rest. You could see everyone was tired but that this would not last long.

If anyone has ever traveled internationally, then you know that first night is a rough one. Many of us estimated being up close to 24 hours! With that in mind, it really started to sink in that our International Business trip had set in! ☺

Other than the great traditional dinner in the countryside there were a few things that we all learned: 1) How to really use an ATM 2) European bathrooms aren’t exactly the same as U.S. ones 3) In London, you have to wait til the last minute to know which terminal you are in. (You have to know that in order to know where to go for your flight, you may have to wait until less than an hour before to know if you have to run to a terminal 20 minutes away or if you are safe and have to walk 2 minutes). I am looking forward to Prague and Barcelona! I think we have a great group and Professor Das and Judy are great! We are a lucky group! ☺☺

Written by: Sarah Westmoreland


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