June Abroad 2011: Food and Fellowship

Prague exceeded my expectations beyond measure. When we arrived after a long night of travel, it was a welcome sight. Marek, our tour guide, picked us up at the airport and provided a brief background of Prague on the way to the hotel.

Our hotel was located very close to Old Town Square, the heart of Prague. When we arrived to the hotel, a small group of us walked in the direction of the square, stopping in at little shops. We didn’t have a lot of time because we had a welcome dinner, so we just got a feel for the area.

Our welcome dinner was a great introduction to Prague. The food alone was amazing. I am a vegetarian, so I had garlic soup and steamed vegetables with cheese. Garlic soup may not sound appealing, but it was one of the best soups I’ve ever had. During dinner, I sat near Marek so he shared some of his experiences growing up in Prague. He, along with many Czechs, has a very strong opinion on switching to the Euro. He feels it’s nearly impossible to have all of the European Union members on the Euro; the EU cannot be homogeneous because there are so many rivalries among the members within.

Marek also spoke of the Velvet Revolution. He was in high school during the revolution, so he participated in the strike by providing supplies and helping the older students. After dinner, dancers and a band came out for traditional dancing. Four dances were performed. The first dance was a mix of Czech and German. The second dance was southern bohemian, the third was Slovakian, and the fourth was eastern Moravian.

Written by: Samantha Messier


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