June Abroad 2011: Visiting ESTEVE

ESTEVE group photo

ESTEVE group photo

We eagerly waited to finish visiting the last company, ESTEVE, in our trip for shopping and visiting other places in Barcelona. We visited ESTEVE, which is a family owned international chemical and pharmaceutical group, located in Martorelles, near Barcelona, Spain.

The location we visited has warehouse, production, research and development and operations facilities. The company provided us light-weight coats and glasses for safety during our visit.

The warehouse operates the inventory of raw materials, final products, picking and processing of customer orders and shipment of products to the customers. The warehouse is fully automated for packages handling and operated by about 80 employees.

We saw the production units that are processing and producing different cells, powders, capsules, tablets and final products. We were excited about the process of how the capsules are filled with medicine; the tablets are filled in bottles or aluminum foils, and the labels and barcodes are attached to the bottles or boxes. The bottles are rejected if they have the wrong count or seal on the bottle.  The research and development team conducts new experiments and provides initial product recipes.

The company doesn’t have its own marketing division for selling their products to the customers and the products are now selling through different partners. The company is investing to expand the business globally and might go for public issue for investment.

We enjoyed the visit and the lunch in the company. Our group enjoyed the entire trip in Praque and Barcelona and I feel lucky to be a part of that group. Judy and Professor Das were very caring and supporting.

Written by: Ramesh Jasti


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