June Abroad 2011: A Visit with Cisco

Upon arrival at Cisco Systems, Barcelona, we were greeted by Guillem Veiga, who was quickly referred to as “the Most Interesting Man in the World” by our group. Guillem is an Enterprise Sales Engineer. He began his career with Cisco in 2004 as an Interim Engineer. As an Enterprise Sales Engineer Guillem was a Cisco Sales Champion in FY07 for being a top 10 percent Performer, the maximum award given by Cisco Systems.

As many of you know, Cisco is a leader in service and solutions for small and large businesses. They offer a wide range of products including, the Flip Camera, Linksys routers, WebEx, Phone and Voice Systems, and TelePresence. Guillem gave us a brief overview of the company from its beginning in 1984 to where it stands today. He referred to their CEO John Chambers as a really cool guy.

The Cisco office in Barcelona is comprised of mobile workstations with only a few people having a dedicated workspace. After we learned about the history of Cisco and the numerous acquisitions the company has made over the years, Guillem introduced us to the TelePresence Products that they now offer. These products are being offered as solutions to cut costs and increase productivity.

After a brief explanation of what these products entailed, we were given a live demonstration of how it works. Being that I love technology, this was one of the coolest video conference tools I had ever seen. We were linked directly to one of Guillem’s counterparts in Madrid. The detail, the speed and ease of use were truly outstanding! If this kind of thing interests you, check out this link to the Cisco website: http://www.cisco.com/en/US/products/ps7060/products.html

Written by: Kevin Frazier

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