June Abroad 2011: Travel Reflections

Study abroad has ended and the Summer 2011 group is back home and back to reality.  The final trip home couldn’t have been any longer, even though we all had a wonderful experience, I think we were all ready to see friends and family and sleep in our own beds.

Looking back on the trip, I would definitely do it again with the same group of people.  I think my favorite place was Prague.  The history, architecture and overall feel for the place was one I think I could go back to and visit for a longer amount of time.  I especially liked Old Town (and how close it was to our hotel) and sitting and watching the locals and tourists throughout the area.  There were so many nice shops to look into and just take your time enjoying the atmosphere and Prague in general.

Before I left everyone I talked to that had been to Prague expressed how beautiful it was and how peaceful it felt and I am happy to say that they were all right!

Barcelona was definitely more city like with the people on the go constantly and had that big city feel.  Seeing the student protestors near our hotel was interesting but not threatening at all.  I enjoyed our business visits and the hospitality was very much appreciated.  The dynamics of Barcelona to Prague were very apparent and it was a definite change to go from the laid back life in Prague to the busy, city life in Barcelona.

I really enjoyed my stay in both countries and enjoyed the group that went.  I am looking forward to going back to these countries in the future.  I would strongly recommend anyone in the MBA program that has not studied abroad to do so and if they are not in the program, to still take the time to travel abroad.  The culture, food and lifestyles are so nice to experience and I think it is something everyone should enjoy!  ☺

Written by: Sarah Westmoreland


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