Virtual Toolbox

This week, during one of the Open House round tables for admissions, I was asked by one of the participants if I had to drive to Elon multiple times a week to work or complete assignments for my courses. My answer to his question was no; I do not have to commute to campus more than the days I have class because most of the material needed to complete assignments is available online.

After the round table, I gave this question a second thought and wished that my answer to the participant had been more complete. I don’t have to be on campus in order to work on my assignments for class thanks to the virtualization of educational tools. Elon offers a wide range of virtual tools to enhance the student’s ability to do research, communicate, and complete assignments.

The most common, and maybe the most utilized tool, is Blackboard; but my favorite to use since I discovered it this semester is I am using Lynda to learn how to use the software required for one of my classes (Project Professional 2010) and at the same time I have access to virtual training material for software that I always wanted to learn such as Excel, Flash Player, QuickBooks, AutoCAD just to name a few.

There are more virtual tools available to enhance my educational experience at Elon than the time I have to use them.


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