MBA checklist

This is my MBA course checklist. Pen=completed. Pencil=still to do. Look at all that blue!

That’s how many days I have left until my MBA graduation. Woohoo! What? You think it’s weird that I know that?

Well, I guess you just have to be in a part-time grad school program to really understand. Don’t get me wrong…I’m learning a lot and am definitely glad that I pursued this path. Anyone who tells you that doing grad school part-time while working full-time is easy, though, is a big ol’ LIAR. It is many things, but easy isn’t one of them. I mean, you do the math. Think about how many days a week you get done at work and all you want to do is go plop down on your couch and catch up on your DVR…or have dinner with your family…or read a book of your choosing just for kicks…or go bowling.

I don’t know about you, but for me that’s pretty much every day, Monday through Friday. As you might imagine, MBA classes that run from 6:00-9:00 one or two nights a week and have hours worth of group work and homework associated with them make all of those things fairly impossible pretty frequently.

Don’t despair, though! The saving grace is that pretty much everyone else in the program is struggling with the same “not enough hours in the day” issue. As a result, people are pretty flexible when it comes to scheduling group meetings outside of class and being cognizant of people’s personal time and work commitments.

I’m thrilled to report that not only do I have just 157 short (I have to say it that way to myself or else it seems forever away) days left until graduation, but I’m also on holiday break from classes! I finished my Management and Org Theory class on Monday and got my grade yesterday (A-, baby!) so I can officially cross that one off the list, too. That just leaves me with International Business (which I’ll be completing with a study abroad course in China and Hong Kong!), Strategic Thinking, and two half-credit capstone courses. In case you’re wondering what that looks like…it’s a lot of pen and very little pencil!

I’ll be back in January to tell you all about my study abroad adventures in Asia. Right now I’m taking a breather to enjoy life without class (and get all my Christmas presents wrapped!). In a few short weeks, though, my nose will be back to the grindstone for our pre-trip group research projects. I suppose I’ll also have to start strategizing soon about how/what to pack for a two week trip to one cold snowy climate and one reasonably warm one…


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