Winter Trip: Elon University MBA and Law China: January 18, 2012

We have continued to push through our action packed itinerary. Up next, an early morning flight to Honk Kong via Dragon Air, including a 4:30 a.m. wakeup. The flight from Beijing to Hong Kong was approximately three hours. As we descended into Hong Kong, the beautiful scenery reminded me a bit of Hawaii.

After arrival in Hong Kong, we met Mike our tour guide for the next four days and loaded on to the bus. While we will miss our friend Shiela, we could tell right from the beginning that Mike had a great knowledge of the area to compliment his sense of humor, which would make our stay in Hong Kong entertaining. The sights of Hong Kong were quite different than what we had gotten used to in Beijing. The colors of the buildings, the vibrant vegetation and clean water of the harbor was best described by one of our classmates as “having gone from black and white to color television.”

Our first stop in Hong Kong was “The Peak,” which sits on the mountain side overlooking the city of Hong Kong. To get to the Peak, we took a cable car straight up the side of the mountain. It was steep, very steep.  From the summit, we could see a complete view of the Hong Kong skyline, which has been ranked as the most beautiful in the world.  With an evening full of activities ahead, we would then head to our home for the next few days, The Hotel Kimberly.

The Hotel Kimberly is located in a vibrant shopping district full of bars, restaurants, and both  high and low end retail shops eateries. The streets are narrow and full of people, but the sights and sounds were endless.  We didn’t have much time to rest before we had to meet back in the lobby for a very special treat for dinner.

After dinner, we returned to the hotel for the night.  Since it was our first night in the city, some of us decided to walk around the hotel area of the city to get our bearings.  The city was very active even at 11 p.m. people were bustling, shops were open and there were bright signs everywhere.  After getting a lay of the land, we found a back alley behind the hotel that had numerous shops and restaurants.  Sitting down to have a beer was a great way to interact with the locals and unwind after our long day.  We got the chance to meet three chaps traveling from the UK to Australia for holiday.  They had great stories to share and we got to talk about our extensive knowledge of futball.  It was getting late and knowing we needed to meet in the lobby at 7:15 AM Thursday evening we decided to call it a night.

Mike Kopczynski, Ben Tario, Savannah Mangum


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