Winter Trip: Elon University MBA and Law China: Final Day

Top 10 (or so) Memories from the Elon MBA & Law January 2012 Trip to China and Hong Kong

Today is our last day in Hong Kong – tomorrow we head home.  It has been an eventful, fun-filled, educational adventure full of company visits, sightseeing, and new friendships.  To commemorate our Winter 2012 educational escapade, we offer the following top 15 memories (there were too many good ones to keep it to only 10):

15. A small sub-group of us enjoying the flight to China so much that they emptied the airplane wine inventory on the way!

14. All of the opportunities we had to frankly question high-level leaders about business and legal practices and issues facing their companies and countries

13. Dinner and debate with UK, Chinese, Dutch, and other nationals at the Hong Kong Royal Yacht Club

12. Lien setting off the alarm at the security checkpoint during our visit to the US Embassy in Beijing

11. The candor of the US embassy officer regarding issues, challenges, and expectations for China in general, and for foreigners doing business in China

10. Ben singing to all of us on the bus after losing a bet

9. Getting candid answers and a manufacturing plant tour from both Chinese and US executives and managers of RFMD

8. Gaining insight into centuries of Chinese history through visits to the Forbidden City, the Ming Tombs, Tiananmen Square, and more

7. An in-depth introduction to LEDs, and extremely thorough answers from executives and managers at Cree regarding both the industry and their company

6. Sheila – our tour guide, constant companion, attentive mother hen, and faithful adviser

5. The sights, serenity, and splendor of the Badaling section of the Great Wall

4. Experiencing the native Chinese Hutong culture via rickshaw rides, an immersive tea experience, and dinner in a Hutong home

3. The amazing and comprehensive tour of the Port of Hong Kong, including an extensive question-and-answer exchange throughout our time there, a visit to the operations center / ‘control tower,’ and a tour around and amidst all the containers, cranes, and ships

2. Hong Kong scenery and nightlife, including boat rides, scenic views from skyscrapers, karaoke, and free time to explore

1. Gaining new friendships with other Elon MBA and Law students, as well as overseas business and legal contacts – and sharing trip “Highs” and “Lows” with each other during our final trip meals and other conversations

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading this blog entry, as well as the others – and are encouraged about the value and benefits of the January 2012 China and Hong Kong trip (whether you were on the trip, knew somebody who was, and/or will join us on one in the future).  Thank you for your interest!

Steven Burtoft and Randall Borror


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