Closing…but not done yet

It is difficult to wrap my head around the fact that in just two weeks, my latest adventure will come to a close. I will walk in an Elon graduation ceremony as an MBA recipient.

My life has changed significantly since I started in the winter of 2009. Back then I was working for a global pharmaceutical company; today I am exploring the options for my next career and am excited by the possibilities. In 2009 my family and I lived in Mebane. Today we live very close to downtown Burlington. Back then it was just my husband, myself and our two dogs. These days we chase around a very happy and active two-year-old. In the spring of 2009, I sat in a room for a weekend, learning about my classmates. In two weeks, we will sit at our graduation dinner among colleagues and friends.

Somewhere on my iPhone is a short but growing list of things I plan to do, try or complete once this journey is over. I had added ‘travel’ to it some time ago, but the program is helping me to do that before it all comes to an end.

Elon University encourages its students to participate in study abroad programs and experiences. And it doesn’t just focus on the undergraduates! As many of the blog readers have seen, the Winter International Business course for the MBA program was a joint trip to China. This summer, a smaller class will be traveling to Prague and Milan.

This is one of many unique aspects of the Elon MBA. Even though I already took the International Business class and will have graduated in May, I have the opportunity to travel and be a part of the course this summer. (While I will be attending the company visits, I’m not responsible for the assignments.) The class includes two or so company visits per day, along with cultural events, group dinners and sightseeing excursions. Between the pilsner factory visit in Prague and the day trip to Lake Cuomo in Italy, I’m sure we will learn a lot and have a wonderful experience.

So which am I looking forward to more, the fact that I’m graduating or the course and travel that come after? To tell you the truth, I don’t even know. I’ll let you know from somewhere in Prague in June.


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