Summer Trip: Elon University MBA and Law in the Czech Republic and Italy: June 6, 2012 – The countdown is on!

In less than 48 hours we will depart on our study abroad trip to Milan, Italy and Prague, Czech Republic! Even though we have yet to start the traveling aspect, we have already began the journey as a class. Over the past week we have had the opportunity to get to know each other and learn about the places we will be visiting.

One of the most fun things we have done involved a team-building session led by the Elon Challenge Course. This let us get to know each other and participate in some activities that forced us to work together, learn about each other and bond with the people we will be spending over a week with. I loved this aspect of the course! I think it’s nice to have the opportunity to learn about people and their personalities

Pre-trip team building

Pre-trip team building

before we embark on a trip where we will be spending so much time together.

Pictured is a group photo at the end of the team building night. I look forward to traveling with this group and learning more about them. I’m also very excited about traveling to Milan and Prague. This is my first trip to Europe and I look forward to sharing the journey with my fellow MBA and Elon Law friends.

Written by: Melissa Oakes


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