Summer Trip: Elon University MBA and Law in the Czech Republic and Italy: June 6, 2012

Some of the MBA and Law students presented a general overview of facts about Milan and Prague; facts about the history, politics, economics, finance, law, tourism, trade and their role in the European Union (Milan exclusively). Others acquainted us with DiaSorin, Yammamay, VF, SAP, and Eaton; companies we will visit while in Italy and the Czech Republic.

Pictured is Mark, a MBA student, and Andrew, a 2L at Elon Law School. Andrew (pictured right) presented information about Prague’s history and politics. Little did he know the North Face shirt he wore during presentations was the perfect segue to my presentation about VF; the largest apparel company in the world!

VF is headquartered in Greensboro, NC. Their brands are sold in 150 countries through 47, 000 retailers. Do JanSport, Vans, Wrangler, Timberland or The North Face ring a bell? VF manufactures and distributes them all. The company has established a global supply chain organization that manages sourcing and manufacturing ,which oversees the production of 500 million items annually. Reaping more than $9 billion dollars in revenue annually!

VF opened up a distribution warehouse in Prague in 2004. [We will be visiting this warehouse next week]. This warehouse supplies retailers all over Europe with apparel and other products. It is distinguished as one of the more efficient warehouses because of it’s unique carton handling system.

Learning about the businesses we would visit, as well as culture, history, politics, law, etc. whet our appetites for Milan and Prague. To all who are reading I hope you enjoy our posts journaling.

Pre-trip presentation

The Bus Will Not Stop… The Plane Will Take Off…. Destination Milan, Italy!

Ashley Williams
Elon University School of Law
Candidate for Doctor of Jurisprudence, Class of 2014


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