How Would Hamlet Manage?

Sherri Thomas, MBA student bloggerTo be a good manager or not to be. That is the question.

Of course, if you manage people, you think you are the best manager ever. You right all the wrongs of previous managers you had that you hated and you take the best of the ones you love and you get the perfect combination right? Wrong!!

The HR performance management course challenged me to think much
broader than that. It made me see managing people is part of a bigger
process that must have a defined structure and expectations for all
parties involved. You have to maintain an open mind when dealing with
issues and you have to truly understand what motivates individuals and
what some basic steps are you can miss in setting up the process that
can make for a much less meaningful employee/employer relationship.

This class challenged me to be a better manager and surprisingly, a
better employee. If you want to discover a more structured approach on
how to manage the entire performance management process or to use as a
guide to managing your own career-this class is for you!


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