Take me out to the Bulls game

“Take me out to the ballgame..” Well, that’s exactly what the Elon SAA Leadership Council did Saturday, June 23 and it was an exciting time for everyone who attended the 8th Annual Elon MBA Night at the Durham Bulls Athletic Park.

The evening began at 5:30pm with some pre-game camaraderie at Tyler’s Taproom located in the American Tobacco Complex. This gathering was engulfed with the sharing of MBA stories, a few laughs, and drinks as those who participated wanted to add some spice to an already relaxing event.

At the same time others began arriving at the ball park, visiting the Bulls souvenir store, or the concessions for a juicy foot-long hotdog, nachos and cheese, or a large bag of popcorn only to chase it down with a cold beverage. The smell of fresh cut grass and the comfortable breeze under the shelter gave this the start to an evening where the thoughts of completing that 8 page paper or studying for the final were placed on the back burner.

Soon sounds of the national anthem, the roar of the crowd, and “strike one” were heard! Then ”Crack”, it’s going, It’s going, It’s Gone! HOMERUN! The Bulls were up by one in the first inning. It only got better from there. The Bulls scored not one, not two, not three, but four homeruns for the game.

Not only was the game exciting, but many of the little ones were entertained by Fred Flintstone and Wooly Bull. Other talent included the Red Panda’s unicycle acrobat routine, which has made her one of the most sought after halftime shows. She is a Guinness World Record holder and has entertained in venues around the world including at several NBA events. This act wowed the crowd.

As the evening came to a close and the cheers grew silent, we could not be more hyped from the evening we shared at the ballpark. Elon MBA faculty, staff, students, and their families alike were able to enjoy not only the ballgame, but also in the opportunity to engage in the building of relationships that are sure to last a lifetime. And to top it off, the Bulls won in dominating fashion!


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