Annual Pig Pickin’

On August 25, Elon hosted another Pig Pickin’ event at Lake Mackintosh in Burlington. Although it was a little bit windy, there was a great turn out with new and current students, professors and alumni all in attendance. We also had a very special guest this year, our new Dean Raghu Tadepalli. All who decided to stop by had the opportunity to have an impromptu meet and greet with him.

Another one of our most important attendees was the delicious pig that took the majority of the day to prepare. The wind off of the water caused a delay in the main course, but it was worth the wait. Judy and Dr. Buck organized the buffet table with all of the BBQ sauces, sides and appetizers for everyone to pile onto their plates. If that was not enough, there was an entire picnic table full of desserts to top off everyone’s full stomach. Lucky for us, there was a play ground and paddle boats at the park to work off all of the food that was eaten that day (even though it was mostly the kids took advantage of that!).

Overall, this Annual Pig Pickin’ was a success as everyone had the chance to mix and mingle with old and new friends. We look forward to this event next year!

Written by: Allison Cardella

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