Out and About: Elon MBA Student-Alumni Association Tours Carolina Brewery

The Elon MBA Student-Alumni Association tour of the Carolina Brewery on Saturday, Nov. 3 was a huge success, with a group of MBA students, alumni and faculty gathering to experience all brews offered by Carolina Brewery,
including those not yet on draft.

Nate, the master brewer, walked us all through the complete brewing
process including discussion on varying roasts and offerings of malts,
varieties of hops available and continuing on to an open discussion of
the current craft brew movement throughout the beer industry.

The tour concluded with dinner and more drinks by all, with the most
popular entrée being that of the “local burger,” which is specially
raised and fed the used malts of the Carolina Brewery itself only a
few miles from the Pittsboro location. The Carolina Brewery could not
have been more informative and inviting. Many thanks to Monica and
Nate of Carolina brewery.

The Elon MBA SAA wants to continue the growth of our events and the
pleasures of conversation and networking outside of the classroom. We
highly encourage you come to our next event!

Written by: Mark Lasher

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