Why Elon? I’ll Tell You

Why the Elon part-time MBA program? I have always loved Elon’s campus. Especially the way the older brick buildings and the more modern buildings are juxtaposed in the midst of the grand old trees, lush green lawns and abundant shrubs and flowers. The new Koury Business Center with its massive fountain is a beautiful site as well. Geese and ducks can often be seen swimming on the pond, creating a peaceful space for quiet reflection, relaxation or studying when the weather is nice.

When I made the decision that I wanted to get my MBA, Elon’s part-time MBA program had to be among those that I considered. I was thrilled to learn how successful the Elon part-time MBA program is, and especially that it is rated #1 by Bloomberg Businessweek. Naturally, I was very excited when I was accepted into this part-time program.

Currently I am in my first session, taking the Enhancing Managerial Communications class. Some people may be inclined to blow off a class like this thinking that it isn’t that important, or they don’t need it. If this is your opinion, I would challenge you to rethink it. I believe that this is one of the most important courses a MBA student can take. Effective communication is critical to your career advancement, particularly in our global economic environment.

My communications course isn’t finished yet; we still have a few more weeks to go. At first, the work load seemed overwhelming to me, particularly since it has been quite a few years since I completed my undergraduate degree. I have learned a great deal in this communications course already and I think it might turn out to be the most valuable one in my portfolio of courses.

The curriculum has taken me out of my comfort zone several times. Presentations before the class are not anything I would have ever volunteered for, but after having done one, I learned that I could do it, survive, and not be all that bad in my performance. I have done more writing in this course than I did in all of my undergraduate studies. I have also had the opportunity to work in teams and get to know several other individuals who are sharing this course experience with me.

One of the things that I particularly appreciate about Elon’s part-time MBA program is the encouragement that I have received from everyone who has anything to do with the program. They truly want all of their MBA candidates to be successful. To me that encouragement is invaluable.

While I am only just getting started in this MBA program, I would highly recommend it if you are wondering whether or not to embark on such an adventure.

Louise Reed

Written by: Louise Reed


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