Winter Term 2013: Singapore/Vietnam – January 16, 2013

After a lovely time in Vietnam. The JDs and MBAs trekked across Southeast Asia to the city-state of Singapore. For everything Vietnam lacks in aspects of a first world country, Singapore more than makes up for. It is a skyline filled with modern skyscrapers, malls filled with high-end stores, and streets so clean you could eat off of them. The best way I can describe Singapore is by referencing the classic PC game, Sim City. Singapore is the city you end up with in Sim City after you spend hours upon hours carefully crafting your city. All the zones are all either heavy commercial and heavy residential, your Sims are happy, all aspects of the budget are fully funded, crime is nonexistent, and every available piece of land is developed. Essentially, it is a perfectly planned modern city.
Now, onto the events of the day. We began our morning with a visit to the Maxwell Chambers. This is a facility solely designed for the use of the growing arbitration service sector in Singapore. Arbitration providers such as The Singapore International Arbitration Centre and The American Arbitration Association use their facilities for their arbitration cases. It is a wonderfully designed facility with every convenience possible.
Next, we went over to the American Chamber of Commerce who was kind enough to let us use their facility for some presentations. First, was a professor at Singapore Management University who gave us a presentation on Islamic finance. It was fascinating to learn about how companies are able to create financial products and services that are in line with the teachings of the Islamic faith. That presentation was followed up with another presentation by the CFO of CSE Global. CSE is in many industries like healthcare, energy and mining. The CFO gave us an overview of the company and how they grow through acquiring other, smaller companies. This is a Singapore founded and based company. So it was interesting learning how they were founded with help from the government and able to grow. Lastly, a couple of the directors from the ACC gave a presentation on their work with American and Singaporean companies and how they work together.
To end the day, the students were given free time to explore the city on their own. Some went on a night safari given by a local zoo, while others explored Little India and tasted things like fish-head curry (it is exactly how it sounds).
Thank you for reading!
Written by: By Paul McDonald

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