Winter Term 2013: Singapore/Vietnam – January 19, 2013

Our day in Singapore started right after we landed in Chaingi International airport. The group, led by a local guide headed to the sky flyer place to make a tour and enjoy the ride. The group later enjoyed the river tour on Ferrari in Clark Quay water.

The second day consisted of different visits:

  1. Singapore International Arbitration Center (SIAC) a business facilitating litigations issues between companies.
  2. American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham), a chamber of commerce managed by an American expat.
  3. CSE Global, a technology company involved in automation and represented in America, Europe, Asia, Australia.
  4. A lecture from Professor White from Singapore Management University.

The visit to UPS hub dominated all activities on Friday. The group had the opportunity to tour 3 facilities and listen to a presentation of UPS operations in East Asia and more specifically in Singapore.

Written by: Mayedana Saguintaah


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