European Food

Before starting this trip , I believe we all had a list of things we wanted to eat and try.  Everyone  chattered about tasting the pizza, pasta, and gelato. However, as I reflect  I think we missed the most important part about the meal. It was the time we shared together and learning about each other. The laughs we have made as a class over  breakfast, lunch and dinner made the European Experience.

Im not a food critic but for me eating or sharing a meal is more than what we shove down our throats. In fact, it is the time we shared together outside our comfort zone, learning about different cultures, basking in good  conversation, “Making it Rain”, laughing about ” Nasty Dan”, looking for Alice, or walking miles together to find resturants .  It is evident that no matter how far we study abroad , the one thing we have in common is quality time that takes place over any meal. Nevertheless, quality/bonding time was the key ingredient in all authentic european dishes!

Worlds Famous Gelato!!!

Worlds Famous Gelato!!!


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