Traveling thousands of miles away from Greensboro to learn about a company that I pass on the side of the highway on a regular basis may sound odd, but that is exactly how I would summarize Friday’s visit to Syngenta-Prague. Although I had prepared a PowerPoint presentation about this company just a week prior, actually visiting one of the company’s corporate offices and speaking with some of its employees helped me to develop a complete picture of Syngenta’s status as the world’s leading company in the agricultural business.

Syngenta is a 13.4 billion dollar company that focuses on the development of crop protection and the development/production of seeds, young plants and other garden/lawn products. My classmates and I visited the Prague office of Syngenta on Friday and spoke with two of its representatives: Andre the Pricing Manager and Itka a Marketing Representative. From these representatives, we learned a number of things about the company (some of which I highlighted in the prior presentation materials), but those items that were unique to Syngenta-Prague were as follows:

  • 54 percent of Syngenta’s Czech Republic market is herbicide sales, and 31 percent of that market is fungicide sales;
  • One of Syngenta’s largest farms for product development and testing in Central Europe is in the Czech Republic; marketing is tied strongly to big farms in the Czech Republic which means bigger yield for the company;
  • There are 17 sales managers in the Prague office and each has a different region of the country (and surrounding countries) to introduce products and cultivate relationships with potential/existing customers;
  • The European Union has developed policies requiring companies like Syngenta to be “eco-agricultural” (i.e., preventing the sale of certain products containing chemicals that may affect bees) which has led to recent legal issues; and
  • The Prague office of Syngenta is said to be the most attractive Syngenta office in Central Europe and thus, is the location of many of the company’s regional meetings.

As a whole, I was impressed by the company and its focus on constantly improving its products which will, in turn, be very instrumental in allowing for the increased production of crops to feed the world’s ever-growing population. Thus, I believe Andre when he says that employees are so happy with Syngenta that they never leave!


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